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Post  Zenrais Starbane on Wed Jun 02, 2010 3:40 pm

Youa re a demigod. Simple as that.

All people have to control 1 god monster or titan. Unless their god parent is taken by someone else you must control them.


God Parent:
God, Titan, Monster you want:

Name: Zack Von Castiel
Age: 19
God Parent: Poseidon
Weapon: Iris, blades of Chaos, control of Fire, Demon form
God, Titan, Monster you want:Poseidon

Name:Edgar and Kade Zei
Age:19 for both
God Parent: Morpheus
Weapon: (Edgar): Axe of Sleep (Kade): swords of Chaos
God, Titan, Monster you want:Morpheus
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