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Post  jeroukoo on Fri Jun 25, 2010 1:13 am

Dragons. The mythical creature that lives forever and takes over towns and destroys humans for fun. Long ago, these creatures were killed and tamed by two groups, the Dragonslayers and the Dragonkeepers. Though they have very different views on dragons, they always work together and get rid of the threat. Now, dragons have risen from the depths of the Earth again, but a new generation of Dragonslayers and keepers are ready.

Dragonslayer (Kill) or Dragonkeeper (Try to train):
Magic Abilities:

My App:
Name: Jason
Weapon: Claymore, Red and has little elemental control of fire. Named Dragonslayer's Choice.
Dragonslayer (Kill) or Dragonkeeper (Try to train): Dragonslayer
Magic Abilities: Talk to Dragons
Appearance: Dragons of War Dragon_Slayer_by_pap9111
still new RPGer but more well know
still new RPGer but more well know

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